Double Dots

Connect dots of the same color!

Island Jumper

Island Jumper is a challenge of speed and agility. Hop from square to square collecting gold coins, but be sure to dodge the dangers of the island. How much gold will you collect? Jump in and see!

Speeder Run

Speed Speed Speed!

Twist The Ball

Jump from platform to platform without falling off!

Land Lord

Defeat the Landlord in China's most popular card game

Tower of Babel

Build a tower and touch the heavens around the world and through time in this totally-stacked game of precision!


Hop Froggy. Hop!

Dim Sum

Challenge your noodle with this endless arithmetic puzzler.

Endless Mahjong

Enjoy an endless, challenging combination of Mahjong puzzles

Super Chain Reaction

Pop all the bubbles!


Slide buildings together to build a city in this 2048-inspired game.

Zig Zag

Zig! Zag!