Drop Spot

How many of the listed items can you find before the time runs out?

Super Chain Reaction

Pop all the bubbles!


A Game of Skill and Luck. Ricochet off walls by tapping the screen to keep the ball in the air.

Yo Ho Bingo

Conquer the seas with Bingo! Play Bingo on 20 different islands to become the greatest private in the land.

Pilot Training

Take to the skies and fly your plane to safety in this test of speed, skill, and stars!

Sudoku Village

Can you beat your best time in this classic Sudoku puzzle?

Tower of Babel

Build a tower and touch the heavens around the world and through time in this totally-stacked game of precision!

Pony Pachinko

Bet big and win even bigger! Pony Pachinko is an exciting fusion of pinball and jackpot elements. Use your winnings to unlock adorable characters and several distinct Pachinko machines.

Bubble Reef

Free the fish from the bubbles in this exciting puzzle popper!

Double Dots

Connect dots of the same color!

Island Jumper

Island Jumper is a challenge of speed and agility. Hop from square to square collecting gold coins, but be sure to dodge the dangers of the island. How much gold will you collect? Jump in and see!


Hop Froggy. Hop!