Super Chain Reaction

Pop all the bubbles!


Hop Froggy. Hop!

Mountain Hop

Hop your away down the mountain!

Pilot Training

Train to be an airplane pilot!

Giant Hamster Run

A giant hamster has escaped!

Tower of Babel

Build the highest tower in the world!

Candy Timbermen

Chop away at delicious candy!

Monsters and Cake

Find and match words, while travelling the world!

Connect the Dots

Connect dots of the same color!

Count Faster

How fast can you solve the math?

Sheep Jump

Drag and release to launch sheep!

Draw Lines

Draw Lines without overlap

Zig Zag

Zig! Zag!

Speeder Run

Speed Speed Speed!

Twist The Ball

Jump from platform to platform without falling off!

Gravity Ball

Jump from left to right without hitting the walls!

Dim Sum

Challenge your noodle with this endless arithmetic puzzler.

Bubble Reef

Free the fish from the bubbles in this exciting puzzle popper!

Double Dots

Connect dots of the same color!